Sunday, September 28, 2008

"When you draw, you are not just putting lines on a page to form the likeness of something; you are getting a deeper insight into the creation of a thing, place, or person. You get to feel what it felt like to create that thing, place or person. Each trace of the object pulling life out of the page."

Just want to share a quote: (I was reading through my journal and came across it but unfortunately I don't know who the author is)
And in that same vein there is this quote too which is so true when preparing to create something:

"Everyday we're bombarded with an infinite number of "everythingness"...sights, sounds, people, situations - it surrounds us in every direction...When preparing to create, the writer has all of this "everythingness" spread before him. He must then choose from the vastness - must pluck a certain funny name or a certain whimsical sight - and thread these things together into a story. The greats, the writers you love, you love them because they are wordsmiths and poets. Yet, and this is so often overlooked, what you may love most s their power of pickiness. The ability to see the entire world in all it's messy glory and to discern which bites to take and which bits to leave.

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Alison Conklin said...

aw i love this post. and i love your new header.

very cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi bbb....

How do you always have the coolest headers?? Oh, I know how... you are the best designer EVER!!! :) Sorry I missed you today... call you tomorrow fo' sho!