Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us! (7 years!) | FEIST Concert

7 years. Sounds like a lucky number. The 7 year itch...I think that was a movie. We made it through 7 years so far. And it hasn't been easy. The thing about marriage is that sometimes (for us anyway) it's easy to grow apart and to just kind of coast through life together, take each other for granted and well lose that "first love" that you had in the beginning. Ryan and I talked about that today. I realized that I really don't give as much as he does and well I need to change that. I am always so focused on me, my career, the bills, my friends...and everything else seems to take priority sometimes over the person who really should be the most important to me. I take him for granted sometimes and it's easy to (excuse my french) shit on the person who is closest to you. (Sorry Ry!) But I realize it's normal and that I just need to consider him first sometimes instead of my own needs which always seem to scream the loudest. And he's so kind and gentle that he can sometimes become a doormat. Wow, all of that may have been a little too personal to share but I just made my blog private so that I can share more intimate details of my life and not worry who is reading it.
For our 7 year anniversary we went to dinner at White Orchids Thai restaurant, got a coffee at Starbucks and then hit 476 S to Philadelphia to see FEIST in concert at the Academy of Music. IT WAS AMAZING/FANTASTIC/BREATHE-TAKING/SUPERCALAFRAGALISTICEXPIALADOSIOUS/BEST CONCERT I EVER WENT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are a few pics of the night...

The Academy of Music is SO beautiful. It suited Feist's beautiful voice and style. It was just the coziest concert I've ever been to. Ryan and I thouroughly enjoyed it.

And our seats were great! We were front and center on the 2nd balcony so we had a great view. The pictures are from my iphone so they make it look like we were much further away than we really were.

FEIST had such a creative entrance - There was this transparency thingy (kind of like the ones that we used in my high school history class to view the notes on screen) that projected sillouetted artwork on the big screen-it's hard to explain. But the shadowed images moved to the music like a shadow painting. There were 2 girls running the transparency thingy and they did all kinds of creative things with it. It was like finger puppets onscreen but on a much more artistic/design level. So back to how Feist made her entrance, there was the lantern sillouette on screen and then it looked like someone grabbed it and it was totally dark on stage and then Feist came running out on stage with a lantern but it was totally dark except for her lantern.

And then after the lantern went out this white screen lit up and she appeared behind it and starting singing and all you could see was her shadow/sillouette. It was brilliant. The concert was so good I almost cried.

More examples of the hand puppet/transparency/artwork on stage...

Sometimes they just put video closeups of the piano player's hands playing or the bass was great.

Here they were painting to the music on that transparency thingy and it projected on the big screen. It was so creative. I never saw anything like it.

Well that's pretty much it. We had a great night. The concert was amazing. I love Feist.
Happy anniversary to us.
the end.


carolyn said...

happy anniversary nici!!! (and ryan :P) i'm glad you guys had a great time, that concert looked quite interesting i must say! right up your alley.

miss you!

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun.
And, what a fun way to celebrate your anniversary! I loved the pics!

ALSN said... guys are so cute! happy anniversary!!