Monday, April 7, 2008

Friday | NYC

I had to go to NYC for work reasons on Friday and it was such a yucky day...see the pic below!

But I had a great trip and I met with a friend on the upper west side - on 72nd, between Central Park West and Columbus Ave at a great cafe, Pain Quotidien. (Fun little factoid - the tabletops are made from the floorboards of old trains.) Great food and great bakery.

It was loads and loads of fun. After my meeting with her I walked down Columbus Ave to 59th (to take the subway back to the Port Authority) and take the bus home. But on my walk down Columbus Ave I stopped in at Betsy Johnson, Theory, MAC, and some other stores. I didn't buy anything except for at MAC. All in all it was a great day! I really enjoy going to the city alone. I am getting better at it. I've had to travel in by myself quite a few times. I'm even learning to take the subway all by myself. Some people might think that I'm a dork for saying that but I've never really taken the subway alone so it was quite an adventure. And I was carrying my portfolio case, my laptop bag and my purse in the rain and wind. But I made it and I had such a great time.

A little snapshot that I took of a really cool window with a giant coin purse on it. I loved it so I took a pic.

Also, right after I came out of Betsy Johnson I ran into Hannah from LA Ink and got to say hi to her. She was really pretty in person. And she was so nice to me - I thought it was really gracious of her to not be annoyed by some stranger stopping her and saying "Hey! I know you!!!!...." I love her tattoos on the show. She's amazing!

Anyway...I love NYC. I wish I could live there. But working there and commuting would suffice! xo

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Alya said...

i love Pain Quotodien, we have it here in Kuwait too..

I havent been to New York, but I'd really love to go!