Saturday, March 15, 2008

The stairs...dun dun dun...

(excuse the horrible was taken with my phone)
I have a funny little story. Last night Ryan and I were sitting on the couch watching television and we heard Tegan whimpering and barking and we were like "what the heck?" so we got up to see what was up with Tegan and we saw him on the 5th step of our stairs. Well normally Tegan is scared TO DEATH of our stairs and every time we go up the stairs he just stands at the bottom and barks at us as to say, "Hey, where are you going? come back come back". So we were both totally freaked out as to how he got on the 5th step b/c he has never attempted to go up the stairs. In fact when you put him on a step he cries. Ryan and I were stumped b/c we thought there was no chance he climbed those stairs. We were saying "did a ghost put him up there?" and "is there someone else in our houise?" I know that sounds like crazy talk but seriously Tegan has always had this phobia of stairs. Well we took him off the stairs and then thought we would put a dog treat on the 5th step just to see if he would do it again. Guess what? It took some coaxing but he did it. We cracked up laughing. It was hysterical. He wouldn't go past the 5th step and he wouldn't go back down but it just shocked us at how smart he is. He totally just worked up the courage all by himself to climb the Mt. Everest that we call our stairs. He did it again and again. It's his new thing. He won't go past the 5th step but hey, it's progress. Haha!!! Silly little story but I just had to share. :) My little Tegan is growing up!

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Lanii Be Good said...

OH, that's beautiful! Your baby is so adorable.