Tuesday, March 4, 2008

just something to think about...

Words can not communicate everything.
We can not be enslaved to words.
There are only so many syllables.
The Artist's job is to look...be still...ponder...look again...be still...look again...
(creativity is born in this place)
and finally use whatever resources and intuition one has to communicate a message...
an unfathomable message to be pondered...
for that is life, infinite and unfathomable.

(photo credit: Liam Devowski)


Lanii Be Good said...

Firstly, writing IS art.
Secondly, I think part of the issue you're feeling, and I have been feeling as well truthfully, is that very few people publicly craft words in a way that is as or more revealing than visual art. Unfortunately, there's such a wide range of choices, many of them miserable attempts at the craft, that people who aren't writers or avid readers aren't exposed.

But, as a writer, I must say that words only enslave when people use them for that purpose. Fiction, poetry and songwriting are some of the most moving, challenging, life-changing forms of artistry mankind has come up with.

As far as waiting is concerned - when you are in a foreign country with temporary status and many other obstacles, try as you might, all you can do is wait. Prepare and initiate change, of course, but in the meantime, I must wait.

fancypants said...

Hey Lanii,
thank you for your comment...I agree that writing is art too. Of course it is! :) But I guess what is hard to explain is what's behind the words. Sometimes there are no words. It's in other art forms such as dance, painting, illustrations, collages, nature, or anything designed that can communicate on a level beyond the syllables that words use to explain. I guess it's more of the impression that we get that sometimes don't need words but rather just time to ponder and sit with. You know. I guess maybe I sound a little crazy. It's a little deep - I know. :) Just being philosophical.

Also, about your waiting...sometimes in waiting and being still your deepest creativity is born. I can only imagine what you're going through living in a foreign country with obstacles and such. xo Love ya!