Wednesday, March 26, 2008

100 Things list (cont.)

(things to do before I die)

After the first 50 this list starts to get more and more difficult to make...


51. Find a new cheese that I can actually enjoy (I only like mozzarella and pepper jack)
52. On that note...find a kind of sushi that I actually like (raw fish...ewwwww)
53. Dance like no one is watching me (it gets harder to do that as you get older)
54. Camp on the beach
55. Find out more about my family who is still in the Ukraine (I just found out this past weekend that my grandparents were taken as slaves to work in Germany during WW2)
56. Go to the eiffel tower and sit there in the grass like in this photo:
57. Go dog-sledding in Montana
58. Own a gallery/cafe/boutique
59. Live in NYC
60. Go on a silent retreat
61. Fly a kite
62. Go whale watching
63. Turn an old barn into a fantastic house/loft
64. Be a makeup artist/have a cosmetic line
65. Be the recipient of a million dollar check
66. Beat someone at chess
67. Meet the kids from Jon & Kate Plus 8 (on TLC)
68. Sell everything I own and travel
69. Go on a road trip to visit museums
70. Have a National Geographic photographer take me on their shoot
71. Give a hug to someone who's life depends on it
72. Be a tree hugger
73. Live in the present in every moment
74. Celebrate a 100th birthday (and be in good health!)
75. Publish a book containing my journal entries for my children

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Lanii Be Good said...

I don't like sushi with raw fish either. But, as I'm married to someone half Japanese whose family is very particular about sushi, you should know that sushi-grade fish is EXTREMELY clean and healthy. But you can't get it just anywhere, no matter what a store sign may say. Talk to some Japanese people in your area to get the scoop.

Also, there are plenty of sushi that use egg, vegetables or cooked fish (sushi is just cold cooked rice with anything, usually wrapped in sea weed): California roll is veggie(carrots and cucumber I think) and Philadelphia Roll (my favorite!) has smoked salmon and cream cheese. It's AMAZING.