Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lindsay as Marilyn

This photoshoot is eerie to me.
NY Magazine story
I heard a lot of people say why do people like Lindsay Lohan live on when someone such as Heath Ledger tragically died. I think that's such a horrible statement to make b/c she's a human being - geez. But anyway...this photoshoot was to mimic Marilyn Monroe's shoot right before she died and I hope that's not prophetic for Lindsay. I know she was on a path to self destruction so hopefully she can pull through and be smart about her decisions in life. But what do you think of this shoot? It contains nudity so just be warned. I feel like Lindsay has looked terrible lately. Her skin looks horrible - she looks like she is prematurely aging. I think she needs serious help.

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ChiliLady said...

...just discovered your blog and it's awesome! i did add your blog to my favourits and i'm looking forward for entries!
and i totally agree with you on lindsay!
hope you have a great day!
chililady from austria