Thursday, February 21, 2008


As I'm approaching my thirties, I'm noticing that I don't want to dress as trendy but rather I want to learn from the women of Paris and Milan who dress so timeless and classically chic. I don't have the budget of an upper east sider so I'm going to have to settle for less than top designer labels. But I don't think that you have to suffer. Stores that everyday women can comfortably afford offer the basics and with the right styling we can all be fashionistas in no time.

I made my list for what I need to buy to update and freshen my look and what will always look pulled together and appropriate whether I'm in the office or grocery shopping on the weekend.

1. Classic trench coat (in beige or red)
2. Gauzy scarves in fun colors or patterns
3. leopard print ballet flats & bold green and yellow ballet flats
4. white denim jacket and/or white denim jeans
5. a big oversized white leather handbag
6. the perfect black dress
7. crisp white shirt
8. bold colored cashmere sweater
9. black trouser
10. black pencil skirt
11. "the" perfect jacket/blazer that fits well

I have some of these items but I think it would be good to update them and check the fit of each and just make sure I have an updated, tailored version of each.

I still love trendy accessories and such but I'm thinking of updating my wardrobe slowly with classic, timeless pieces. I watch the runways and I watch blogs and every makeover show imaginable and this is the conclusion that I've come to after watching and thinking about it.

I totally love this shoe in yellow (and bright green)


theVintageZoo said...

i have such an ecclectic mix of things.... i am mainly a *gasp* goodwill/vintage shopper. i'm over 35, and people mistake me for 25 all the time. i always tell my friends i really should "dress my age," but i'm not quite sure what that means! i LOVE to be trendy one day, punk rock the next, business the next, etc., etc. i don't think i could settle for one particular "style." but at the same time, i'm think if stacey and clinton from what not to wear saw me on the street, they'd scoop me up in a heartbeat and make me look more proper! ha. i once saw them do that to a vintage/goodwill girl. they did NOT like her style at all....

but then at the same time, after i watched "the devil wears prada," i wanted to throw every bit of my thrift store hand-me-downs in a big pile and burn them. but i quickly got over that a couple days later! ;-)

good post!

Kayleigh said...

Those shoes are gorgeous! I'm obsessed with yellow clothes and cute shoes like that.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, but it's soooooo hard.
I read your post today and then found myself on Urban Outfitters tonight getting things that may not be in style a few months from now--- but ahhh- what can you do. xoxoxoxo Loved this post