Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Betsey Johnson

Sometimes I feel like I missed my calling. If I could rewind the years, lets say 10 years I think I'd go to school for Fashion Design. I just watched an interview with Betsey Johnson. She was a cheerleader in high school and college and she's so spunky. (It's funny she looks like my cheerleading coach from high school - ha ha!) Her cartwheels down the runway make me laugh. Whenever I watch interviews with Fashion Designers I'm so intrigued and I relate to them in a lot of ways. I think that in the world of design whether it's fashion, graphic, interior, etc, you are inspired by one another. I hear a lot of designers say they are inspired by musicians or nature for example. Fashion inspires me.
More about Betsey HERE


Lanii Be Good said...

It's never too late - and you don't have to go to school. You're getting your education as we speak!

Michelle said...

Fancy pants,
I believe that this posting is right up your alley... A lovely intersection of fashion inspiring interior design... so fun and creative!
Creature Comforts

Mme. Fabuleux said...

Oh fashion. It's the best. How can one not love swooning over shoes and bags and the cutest clothing all day. It's love at first lust.