Monday, January 21, 2008

Ung Drill

Don't you just love the names that IKEA uses for their products? I do. But then again IKEA can do no wrong in my book. I love them. We just got a new red Ecktorp sectional sofa on Saturday and it's so comfy yet bold and stylish at the same time. I'm really happy with it! I also got a really cool frame called Ung Drill...ha ha...who knows what that means? I don't because I'm not Swedish. I wanted this picture frame ever since I saw a similiar one on London Ink...who knows, it could be the same one.
Did I tell you how much I love this picture frame! B/C I do. I still have to put a picture in it...hmmm what to put in there? That's the question!!!! Probably a black and white picture. I'm sure I'll change it often! As everything else...I love change!

Here is the new RED COUCH!!!!! :) That little blur is Tegan running around the ottoman. I think he likes the new couch too! I still have to hang a picture of something on that wall. The living room will probably always evolve.

We got the black and white damask curtain panels from Target. They are my favorite.

Here are a few pics of other things we got at IKEA this weekend to make-over our living room. I like playing with contrasting patterns. I think I need a black area rug. Hmmmm. But this floral patterned chair and ottoman is RIDICULOUSLY comfortable. It's the best! I love it.

Also for Christmas Ryan and I got a new 42" LCD tv...Can anyone say HD tv? Hello!!! It's amazing!!! And Ryan works for a company that makes lcd monitor arms so we got a $1000 arm track system for the wall for FREE!!! The TV moves up high or down low, it swivels and moves pretty much wherever you put and stays there. It's pretty high tech. We're happy with it.

Oh! and we made over our dining room with this huge photo on canvas of the Eiffel Tower - I've been wanting this thing forever and finally Ryan saw it in person and he liked it too so we got it. I showed it to him online when we first bought the house but he didn't want it but seeing it in person made him approve. :) Yay! It reminds me of a little painting that I painted 2 years's the same view looking up at the eiffel tower. I love it so much!!!!

We moved our old furniture upstairs and now Ryan's office has our old chair and ottoman and the middle bedroom is a really comfy sitting room. I love how comfortable the upstairs has become now as well.

I'm going to hang this black organic looking wall hanging above the couch. (Those legs in the mirror are mine...don't mind my pj's...heehee)

And here is Ryan's music room

We're still going to hang our guitars on the wall but for now they are just on the floor.

Of course I'm not done with everything and I'll probably move things around and change this and that...but this is basically what has kept us busy this weekend. Home is definitely where my heart is...ha ha!!! We're going to have a party soooooon!!! I promise!!! ha ha!!!

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Lanii said...

Wow - your place is really coming along. It's such a gorgeous house! I love that frame - I think it would make a great little mirror. Or maybe if you put a mirrored-tile mosaic in the center. I dunno. Just some thoughts. Great couch and drapes, too!