Sunday, January 27, 2008

my birthday weekend / Alison Conklin's GENIUS photography!

This was the best birthday weekend EVER! It started Friday with Carolyn and Josh treating me to White Orchids (thai food) for dinner and then they came over and we watched Paris, Je T'Aime. Saturday I had to work all day but it wasn't too bad. After work I came home and lounged in my new living room with my husband and then hung my new ISO50 posters that had just arrived in the mail. And then Sunday morning my friend Alison came over and she photographed me and Ryan and Tegan in our home as a birthday gift to me. Alison is amazing! She is SO gifted! Alison's blog, check it out daily to see her latest amazing photoshoot! I am always surprised and delighted by her emotional, vibrant photography. She's magic when it comes to photography. I think she came out of the womb with a camera in her hand. Ever since I've known her back in 1997 when she was using a basic film camera she blew me away with her creative eye and beautiful black and white photos. She's got IT!!!! Ali, if you moved to California, you'd be shooting the stars...for sure!!!!!

This pictures mean so much to me, ALi, SO MUCH! Thank you! xo


alison said...

you two are the cutest. and im so blushing over your blog. i had a great time seeing you guys. your house was awesome! i love the way that you put it together and i am so glad that you let me come over this morning! and you are ryan have such great energy together. so you always make my job easy... many more pics on the way.


happy birthday.

carolyn said...

those pictures are STUNNING - that girl seriously has some insane talent.

Lanii said...

Like i said over on myspace - genius photography, brilliant house that I'm so jealous of and excellent costume design! haha. You are wonderful!

Mme. Fabuleux said...

The pictures are beautiful, most of all though, I love the way the house looks, especially the wall with all the posters! How CUTE- fresh fun! I love the way everything looks! You did an awesome job decorating, I can't wait to see it again! XO

jim k said...

Beautiful pix of a beautiful couple in a beautiful house. What more is there to say? Hope your birthday was the best.