Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Few...

Awesome quotes from my new book (Wide Open Spaces, by Jim Palmer)

Good stuff.

"And while I believe in God I have no use for organized religion." - this is in the introduction and it's actually a quote from Stephen King but Jim mentions it in the intro b/c he says it reminds him of the reader he is writing to - the person who desires to know God as a person not a program.

"Sometimes you have to disentangle God from religion, even Christ from Christianity, to find the truth...As I've put one foot in front of another, I've experienced God in ways that are deeply transforming."

"God is unconditional acceptance.
God is perfect peace.
God is total freedom.
God is unreserved joy.
God is continuous life.
God is gentle compassion.
God is unwavering goodness.
God is unbroken favor.
God is kindhearted forgiveness.
God is breathtaking beauty.
God is absolute truth.
God is love."

"For years I was taught that "faith" is believing there is a God even if you can't experience him. MAYBE INSTEAD, faith is believing that WHAT you are experiencing is God."


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