Saturday, January 19, 2008

Editors, Hot Hot Heat and Louis XIV / Freezetival 2008 @ Electric Factory

AWESOME concert! I had SO much fun! Here I am with the lead guitarist (he sang on some songs - I liked his voice better than the lead singer...oops!) from Louis XIV. It was so cool b/c I ran into them at the bar while waiting for the Editors to come on. The picture is horrible b/c it's taken with my iPhone in the dark! But I was stoked that I got to meet the band and they were all very cool. And I really liked the way that Louis XIV was dressed. They had the best attire out of all 3 bands. They wore vests, fedoras, tighter pants and black vintage looking boots. They looked great! I told ryan he needs to get some men's skinny jeans and some of those boots that they wore.
(disclaimer: all of these pictures are taken with my iPhone so they're not the best but you get the idea)

Louis XIV

Hot Hot Heat

This is the Editors (We stood on the balcony where the bar is and we were standing on the side of the felt like we were on stage with them). The Editors did an AMAZING show! Ryan says they sound too much like Interpol but I still LoVE the Editors. Great show! For real! They have such a BIG sound. You HAVE to move or dance - you just can not stand still! It was so fun!

There were 9 of us that went to the show together but this was after the show and only a few people got in this group shot. We all have that "I-just-saw-an-awesome-concert" buzz goin' on so we all have the cheesiest grin on our faces!

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jaclyncolletti said...

I'm so jealous you got a pic with the Amish guy! He was the best. Louis XIV definitely had the most flair. The lead singer had a very "Jack Sparrow" quality about him. We'll have to check out some more shows together!