Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Outfit Post

That girl in the picture is not me (OBVI!!!!) but it's so wierd b/c she's wearing almost exactly what I'm wearing today. My friend Abby saw my outfit today and said "hey that reminds me of this outfit I just saw online"...craziness. She must be my mystery twin out there in cyberspace. I'm wearing almost the same outfit except my jacket is the one by Alice Temperley and my shoes are the black shoe shown to the side here (Nine West Naso shoe). Wierd how similar the outfit is. And that girl made her jacket. Talent! I tell ya!
Her name is Strawberry Kitten on Flickr...check out all of her outfits! She's so cute!

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Anonymous said...

Aw! I love this jacket, I have it too and when I wore it someone called me little blue riding hood. Which regardless if they thought that was good or bad- I took it as a compliment. I love that jacket! ;) And I love you!