Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dream Boots

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Frye Boots

Yesterday while working at the Apple store I saw a girl that looked like she should've been photographed by the infamous blogger The Satorialist. So I casually started talking to her and was totally smitten by her magnificent boots. I proceeded to ask her where she got them and she said she's from France and she got them there and that the brand name is SanMarina. The website is totally French but the boots and shoes are divine!!! Check it out!!!! I didn't see her beautiful boots on the site but the pic of the Frye boots above is the kind of boot that I'm looking for but at a better price. Frye boots are the best but they are SO expensive!!!!

And I love these too!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Fun! Good fashion sightings are always so fun!!! Love the boots, and I need to check out the site too! xoxox