Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dinner and Juno

OMG!!! JUNO was a GREAT movie! It's not playing in our area until Christmas day apparently so my awesome friends Carolyn & Josh suggested that we go see it in Doylestown. Okay first of all, I've never been to Doylestown and I was SO impressed by how charming the town is. It has all these little coffeeshops and boutiques and fun places to eat. We went to the BEST Indian restaurant (Cross Cultures is the name of it - I think) and to the cutest movie theatre (apparently it's a favorite around there b/c they have Christmas cards you can get that have a painting of the movie theatre on the front). Anyway...the movie was great! I laughed my butt off, I cried and overall just had a wonderful time. The girl who plays Juno is a little genius/amazing actress. She was so good! I hope she gets all kinds of awards for this film.

And this is my friend Carolyn - her and Josh are so much fun. I never worry where we're going to eat when we go out with them. They have superb taste! I should have ordered what she did at the Indian restaurant but mine was delish too. I had marinated chicken kabobs that were grilled in a charcoal oven that came out sizzling on a bed of onions, peppers and some yummie lemons which I ate with garlic naan (flatbread/pita type bread) and basmati rice. And I washed it all down with this chai tea stuff that I forget the name of. OMG it was so good. Ryan had lamb masala which he absolutely loved.
After the awesome dinner we walked over to a coffee shop called Coffee and Cream and I was in the mood for some good hot chocolate...omg the best was cinnamon hazelnut hot chocolate with whipped cream on die for!!!!!! Everyone tasted it and they agreed it was the best!!!!! I did buy half a pound of the Mexican Organic coffee beans to take home. I figured that I had to get coffee there somehow.


Lanii said...

I love Doylestown! They have the greatest little park with a lake...well, maybe it's not that little.
Remember Justin Guarini from American Idol Season 1? Second place to Kelly? He's from there. Randomly.

Fancypants said...

apparently Pink is from Doylestown too! hahaha! She's not as tough as she tries to put out there.

carolyn said...

hehe next time you WILL get the "spinach with vegetable balls"!