Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Tattoo

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People that have a lot of tattoos project an image that has this wierd stigma attached. Some people think tattoos are the personification of evil. I just learned that tattooing wasn't legal in NYC until 1997. 1997, WOW. I am fascinated by tattooers because many of them are such amazing artists. But there is something about the permanance of the tattoo that keeps me from getting one. I get bored with things too quickly that I might get sick of the tattoo. I really like the old school Americana style tattoo and if I got one I'd probably get too addicted and get like 10 and before you know it Nici's got a full sleeve...haha! Well not really. Ryan would kill me! I like cutesy, fun tattoos. I think I'd get an owl or a peacock or stars - one on each wrist. I love symetry so I think if I got a tattoo I would like one that would go somewhere that I'd need one on each on my wrist or the backs of my legs by my ankles so that when I cuffed my jeans you'd see 2 cute tattoos or a wing on each shoulder. I saw this beautiful peacock tattoo done on the Miami Ink show that they did on this woman's back. They made it so the peacock's tail came and wrapped around to her side and it just fit the curves of her body. It was stunning. Chris Garver did her tattoo. He's an amazing artist. He's not only a tattoo artist but he paints as well.

He's my favorite artist on the show Miami Ink. That show has spun off now and there is going to be a London Ink
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and there is also an L.A. Ink with Kat who used to be the fun chick tattooer on Miami Ink. She's crazy out for her ego! I have to admit I like that show...I love to hear the stories that the people tell as to why they're getting the tattoos. I think people can be so wierd but some of their stories are really touching. I don't really have a story as to why I'd want to get a star or a peacock or an owl other than it's a cute or attractive graphic to me. So, until I have a solid reason to go along with a tattoo I will probably wait. Alot of people get tattoos to remember someone that died. I think the only person that I'd get a tattoo in remembrance of would be my dad. He's my hero. I love him so much and if anything ever happened to him I'd totally want something in memory of him. I saw an 80 year old get tattooed on Miami Ink - OMG...she was the cutest woman ever!!!!!

Here's a video of Miami Ink...check it out!

In looking at tattoos online, I came across this shot of Victoria Beckam. I am growing my hair out a little and taking this pic to the stylist next time. Her hair is's getting a little cliche...but I still love it. Everytime I turn around I see someone else with the "Pob" but I really think it's a cut that flatters most people. (pssst and check out her tattoo...I wonder what it means?)
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Thanks to my dear friend Lanii - I found out that her tattoo is Hebrew and it's a poem from Song of Songs in the Bible! Whoa...who knew Posh read the bible! That's great!!!!


Lanii said...

I feel you all the way on the tattoo issue! I'm still hoping to get one someday. When David and I were in college, having just recently met and fell in love, we wanted to get matching tattoos of a pheonix rising out of the ashes. I could never find anything that didn't look to tribal or too realistic (the phoenix isn't my favorite looking bird). I hope I'll come across something awesome some day.
We both felt like we'd gone through a lot of hard things in life and also that our relationship was a difficult one in terms of being long-distance and being young and having both our families at the time want us to just go to school! So - I wrote this poem about him being the sun and me the phoenix. He turned it into this awesome song we danced to at the wedding.
ANYWAY! About Posh - yea, everyone and their GRANDMOTHER has that cut up here and they don't even know where it came from. So I'm growing mine out. But I thought her tattoo looked like Hebrew and found this great link about it!

Anonymous said...

I can't WAIT to see this show.. and I loved this post all about it. XOXOXOXO