Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tegan and Piggy

Last night Ryan and I went over to our friends Josh and Carolyn's house for dinner. OMG! It was fantastic!!!! Josh made halibut with a Thai curry sauce over basmati rice! I loved it! And along with it he made these puff pastry dinner roll type things with spinach and farmer cheese inside. Josh pulled off 2 tough ingredients that I usually don't like but made them in a way that I loved! I only like fish that doesn't taste "fishy" and cheeses that are mild like mozzarella and ricotta. But farmer cheese is just made from milk and it's very mild - it doesn't really taste like anything other than mild. I loved the dinner and the company AND watching Tegan and Piggy run around the house playing together! The two of them were hilarious. I don't know what Tegan thought he was going to accomplish by chasing Piggy b/c Piggy's bone is bigger than Tegan! ha ha!!! It was so much fun!!!! Thanks Josh and Carolyn for the fantastic dinner! You guys rock!!!! Next time please make sure your TIVO tapes the Office for me, k? ha ha j/k!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Aw! Little T! He looks so tiny!!! :) hehe. That dinner sounded A-MAZING! :) Oh my!!!!