Monday, October 8, 2007

home and planet
(check out their website!)

This is pretty much the coolest store in Bethlehem, PA!!!! It's a totally "green" store. Everything is not only good for the home but good for the planet. A lot of reused and recyled cool materials make up the furniture. I almost bought an iPhone case there that was made of recyled material. I'll probably go back for it another time.
The furniture is so unique = every piece is a reused item and it's made into a sturdy piece of furniture that is not only functional, but a piece of art! I'd love to get a dining room table there but we'd have to save up big time for it. The store is like walking through a gallery! Bethlehem is so cool sometimes!!!! Ryan and I almost bought a church pew yesterday from there but it's 7 feet long and we thought it would be too big for the place we were thinking of putting it. So we'll keep our eyes open for a smaller one. The owner said he gets church pews in different sizes quite often.

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Anonymous said...

How fun & so super cool!

I love the idea behind this, and the look of the items!!!

You find the coolest places!

xo! bbb!