Friday, September 14, 2007

i like killing flies

It is FRIDAY!!!!!!!
Whew...what a week!
I missed my JEN sooooooo much! Work was absolutely insane because I was out all last week.
And we've been packing every night this week. I hate the feeling of moving. Your stuff is everywhere in boxes and totally feels chaotic! I hate it. But hopefully, next time this week I will feel settled.

Last night after packing some boxes I found some time to lay on my couch and watch this netflix film.

I really liked this 80 minute film about a restaurant owner in Greenwich Village, NY. He is very eccentric and loves the sound of his own voice. He can really ramble...but his dishes look amazing. I just don't know if I could eat there after seeing the inside of his kitchen. I loved this quirky guy though. Talk about character in every shape of the word!

He makes up dishes everyday and some of them sound very delish! But some of them are a little wierd like macaroni and cheese pancakes...hmmm, not sure about those!

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Mme. Fabuleux said...

AW~ I love you bestie. You are the sweetest EVER! I miss you too. YOU HAVE NO IDEA!! I have so much to tell you!!!!! This looks so fun, I just started to get more Netflix at a time, so I am going to start renting some cool new movies too!! :) hehe! I love you