Tuesday, September 18, 2007

a couple of new house pics

With my decor, here is the living room

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The front door
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and it's really cute because Tegan likes to stand at the front screen door and look out at the kids playing on the sidewalk. He just watches them. It's really really sweet. I was suprised that he didn't bark at them though!

And the kitchen...

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there will be more to come...but that's it for now. And the pics are bad b/c it was getting dark out and with the flash they looked washed out and without the flash it's too dark...but you can kind of get an idea of our house. I love all the room we have now! No more clutter!!! haha

and just for fun...I love my china doll shoes that I'm wearing today...hee hee!
$3.99 at Steve and Barry's = ha ha!


Mme. Fabuleux said...

I LOVE your house & all the pictures and I LOVE seein fuzzy little Tegan playing on the rug in the living room! THe blue color looks amazing and I think it looks so YOU- stylish and comforting and fabulous! I love it bestie!!!! I also love your super cute red shoes!

xoxoxox Love you

alison said...

the house looks beautiful. i love the light you get from the door and windows. that blue is perfect! and how sweet are your red shoes. something about you and red.


carolyn said...

your house looks awesome!! i can't wait to see it. tegan looks like a little kitten in your living room, teehee :)