Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One of the newest crazes in foundation makeup is the invention of mineral powder foundations.

I've tried Bare Essentials and I liked that makeup very much for a foundation. The coverage is superb...you don't get that orange face mask around the chin and ears...it's light and breathable. But then I've discovered SheerCover!!! I looooove it. I've been using it only for about a week but it's so nice. I feel like it just really brightens up my complexion and it feels so natural and it doesn't feel sticky like liquid foundation. The mineral powder also contains spf 15 which is great especially for the summer. I saw it on tv when I was at the beach house last weekend. I ordered it for $29.95 and this whole big introductory kit comes along with it. I love the brushes that it comes with and the concealer works so well. I really feel like I've had a makeover or something. It's great. It also comes with a dvd that shows you like 8 different women who use it and how they use it so you gain some tips and tricks.

If I ever had to get a second job I think I'd love doing makeup b/c it's so fun and girlie!!!

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Robyn said...

I've wondered about the difference between the two - I love Bare Minerals, but I've been thinking about trying Sheer Cover. Is there really a big difference?