Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fun Business Casual

I work in an office where you can dress a little more creatively and you can wear jeans which is soooooo nice!!!!! So this is my business casual outfit...ha ha!!!

I recently bought 2 scarves from Urban Outfitters so today I'm wearing the London scarf. I'm totally obsessed with trying to tie it just right. It's kind of frustrating at first but then somehow I just said "ah, no more, this is ok". Fun fun fun

Also I'm having a lot of fun with these skinny, zipper jeans. I love how they look with my fun!

...and here is the purse that I'm carrying today to complete the look...

1 comment:

Mme. Fabuleux said...

WOOT! I love this look!

The scarf looks SUPER CUTE ON YOU!!

Love your purse and your shoes!!

We truly are ohotb's! If we put our closets together we would have two of everything- but maybe in different colors! :) hehe!

xoxox. Love you. SO MUCH!